Villa Maria Park Hotel has got a central position for natural, artistic and religious trips.

For a trip in a wonderful marine landscape It is possible to reach the Tremiti Islands with motor-ships that sail from the new tourist port “Marina of Rodi Garganico”. This new port has got modern harbor services. The Tremiti archipelago is characterized by crystal-clear waters and it is very famous for its beaches, inlets, evocative caves and “faraglioni”. Saint Domino, Saint Nicola and Capraia are the largest islands of the little archipelago.

One of the most important element of Gargano is its coast. The caves are a real sight, they are numerous and beautiful and excavated from the sea and wind. Motor-ships sail every day from the “Marina of Rodi Garganico” and cover the coast from Rodi to Peschici and Vieste.

Numerous excursions leave from Rodi to the National Park of Gargano as far as the little lake of Umbra Wood. It is an uncontaminated place and an ideal site for who loves nature, it’s equipped for tourist with tracks, bicycle tracks, picnic areas with wood benches and tables, bar, church and museum. The landscape with its colors is really magic, its woods astonish for the variety and beauty of the secular tree.

Gargano is also a Saints’ land: the principal tourists’ destinations are Padre Pio’s land “San Giovanni Rotondo” and Saint Michael’s sanctuary in Monte S. Angelo. San Giovanni Rotondo was a simple agricultural village but today is the destination of numerous religious pilgrimages. Padre Pio arrived in San Giovanni Rotondo from Pietrelcina in 1917 and here he lived and worked.

During his life Padre Pio wanted the construction of an hospital “Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza”, one of the most important hospitals of Italy. Recently a new church has been built in memory of Padre Pio, it is a monumental work realized in modern style by Renzo Piano, a famous architect.

Monte S. Angelo is a mountainous country and it was built on a calcareous rock. There are a lot of caves, in one of these appeared Saint Michael and for this reason a Sanctuary was built. Monte S. Angelo has also got a castle of the norman age, a lot of churches and baptisteries and the famous Pulsano Abbey. By traditions, Saint Michael archangel appeared in another cave near Cagnano Varano, this cave is less well-known than the first one, but it is really evocative, it is long one hundred meters and it is situated on the shore of Varano Lake.

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